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"The Constant Therapy app makes my job much easier. It records patient progress automatically and enables my patients to continue their therapy at home. I can immediately see how they are performing."
[Dr. Laura Lenkey ]

I have five school-aged clients currently using the Constant Therapy app to supplement their work with me. These students range from 2nd through 6th grade, and their areas of disability cover attention, literacy, and language areas.

I love that I can personalize their programs to address specific needs. They love that they can do their work on an iPad. They are consistently doing their homework, making progress, and I can measure their progress from afar and even tweak their tasks as/if needed.

The Constant Therapy app is a wonderful addition to my practice. It makes the homework piece so much easier, and I look forward to continuing to work with it!

[Stephanie ]
MS CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist

I have an 83 year old dementia patient who is recovering from a hand injury. Using the Constant Therapy app is her "reward" for completing other components of her therapy program. She really seems to enjoy the sounds and graphics when getting a correct response, and I enjoy being able to track her progress easily. She persists with Constant Therapy for longer periods of time than most other activities. This is helping greatly in the functional recovery of her hand.

[Marian ]
Occupational Therapist

The more I use the therapy app, the more I like it. I love the problem solving aspect of the tasks with just enough cueing for the individual to make their way through. It really allows it to be THEIR program, and for their spouse to be out of the room. I was using the naming task with a Parkinson patient today and love the little sound level meter. Perfect for her to multi-task and work on two areas of difficulty for her: word retrieval and vocal intensity. The activities also make it possible for me to translate the skill back into a functional daily activity.

[Mary ]

"My current SLP position is as a school therapist in a K-12 school system. I am also on the Nebraska regional brain injury school support team and on call in two rural hospitals.

I originally got interested in the Constant Therapy app as a tool to help my hospital patients, but quickly realized how functional it could be for many of my school-aged children; even those without brain injuries.

Many of my middle school and high school students struggle with attention, mental flexibility and problem solving skills, so these programs are great to use as a supplemental therapy tool. The students like comparing their scores to their baseline scores, and they find the activities fun and motivating. Getting the students acclimated to the programs is a breeze.

Constant Therapy is one of my “go to” iPad apps. I would recommend it to any speech pathologist. Check it out!"

[Catherine Schroeder ]
M.A., CCC-SLP Allen, NE

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