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“As a speech-language pathologist working with neurologically impaired patients, I have found the Constant Therapy app to be a great adjunct to their treatment plan. My brain injury (TBI) patients in particular, have been very receptive to this and find the feedback the app provides on their performance and progress very gratifying. Additionally, I like the fact that Constant Therapy allows for development of a personalized program for each patient based upon their current level of function. I would highly recommend the Constant Therapy app!”

[Elaine ]

“The Constant Therapy app has been a valuable resource in providing consistent, measurable skill-based training to my patients with cognitive and language disorders. Even though I am only able to see my patients 1-2 times per week, I am able to track their progress remotely and monitor their performance outside of the clinical setting. Hence, with the use of Constant Therapy, I am able to provide my patients with both the teaching of functional strategies in the clinic as well as skill-based training at home to best promote their cognitive-linguistic rehabilitation.”

[Laura ]

“I love the Constant Therapy app. It stands above the competition because it is more focused on rehabilitation than just exercise.”

[Channa ]

“I love the reports and analytics we get from the app. An average clinician should save 30-45 mins in paperwork time per patient visit due to the Constant Therapy app”

[Bob D., CCC-SLP, MA ]

"It is terrific knowing that when clients leave the clinic they can use the Constant Therapy app to work on their therapy at home. They can get much more consistent practice with language activities, which is critical in regaining language in the rehab process. With insurance reimbursement for speech and language therapy tighter, having something like Constant Therapy that enables clients to continue their recovery is critical."

[Fabiane M. Hirsch (Kruse), Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ]
Saguaro Speech & Language / Aphasia Center of Tucson, AZ

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