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“The Constant Therapy app knocked my socks off. It is the future of rehabilitation because it allows people to work independently, without the big cost of having personalized effort.

The Constant Therapy app has empowered our members to extend their therapy outside the center. The beauty of the product is that they can access unlimited speech therapy at home. I am 100% convinced that Constant Therapy will revolutionize the world of aphasia. It maximizes patients' rehabilitation potential that is usually curtailed by finances.

The best and brightest in the field have developed the Constant Therapy app - that was an enormous hook for us.

Constant Therapy automatically tracks a comprehensive set of metrics that good clinicians would track manually. It saves a tremendous amount of time and collects the data that a 3rd party reimbursement organization would want to see. To my knowledge, this does not exist in other speech therapy apps.”

[Darlene Williamson, MA, CCC-SLP, Executive Director ]
Stroke Comeback Center, Vienna, VA

"Constant therapy is a 21st century teaching tool for 21st century students. The app is an effective, simple to use and visually appealing program that students want to work with. Students can track their progress in real time. It saves on time and supplies. I can also easily monitor my students while teaching another lesson in my classroom. Multiple learning modalities are being tapped into through the Constant Therapy app. I look forward to continue using the app to promote student learning."

[Ryan Suchy, Special Education Department Head ]
Milwood Magnet School, Kalamazoo, MI

"The Constant Therapy app has been a boon to my patients. It enables them to practice more frequently between therapy sessions, and I can track their progress and update their assignments remotely, which is extremely helpful, given how busy I've been recently! I also appreciate that the reading comprehension materials are drawn from real-life situations (e.g., menus, events flyers, etc)."

[Audrey Tornblom, M.A. CF-SLP ]
Outpatient Speech-Language Pathologist at Fauquier Hospital Warrenton, VA

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