Key Benefits for Patients

Access at Your Fingertips – Constant Therapy makes it easy for patients to engage in the clinician’s office or in their home, accessing exercises wherever and whenever they choose. Constant Therapy provides:

  • Evidence-Based Task Library – More than 100,000 exercises across more than 80 task categories.
  • Unlimited Practice – Practice as many exercises as you wish so that your care continues after you leave the clinic.
  • Performance Monitoring – Keep track of your progress so you can see where you are improving, and where more work is required.
  • Personalized Care – Our NeuroPerformance EngineTM uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to deliver a customized exercise program you can use at home.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere – Our library of cognitive, language and speech exercises are available remotely from your tablet or mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Kindle Fire HD.
Access to a growing library of 100,000 exercises
“This app provides my mom with therapy anytime she wants. The app tracks her progress and customizes her therapy to her individual strengths and weaknesses.”
Karen, Daughter of stroke survivor

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