Key Benefits for Patients

  • Constant Therapy’s NeuroPerformance EngineTM creates a highly customized and detailed map of your strengths and deficits across over 65 types of therapy, delivering personalized care.
  • Instant feedback on task performance and access to a highly personalized course of therapy encourages progress.
  • Access to more therapy anytime and anywhere - at home, in the clinic, or school setting - enabling you to keep progressing beyond standard available care.
  • Access to a growing library of 100,000 exercises representing the latest and most comprehensive science-based tasks for cognitive, language, communication and learning disorders, right on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.
Access to a growing library of 100,000 exercises
“This app provides my mom with therapy anytime she wants. The app tracks her progress and customizes her therapy to her individual strengths and weaknesses.”
Karen, Daughter of stroke survivor

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