Constant Therapy in the News

Special Education: Constant Therapy is a mobile platform that leverages data analytics and mobile technology to provide personalized therapy for people with cognitive, language, communication and learning disorders. With 15 years’ worth of content developed by Boston University, Constant Therapy’s lessons adapt to meet the needs of learners while allowing language educators to monitor their progress via an analytics dashboard

New Media Consortium Horizon Report, 2013 K-12 Edition 06/01/2013

For clinicians, the platform also provides a number of powerful tool enabling them to administer tests, provide therapy, and monitor progress for their patients using the data analytics platform …

WriteUpp 05/10/2013

Rather than going into a clinic each week, patients can download the app and perform their exercises at home after an initial assessment… On the other side of the equation, clinicians can monitor patients’ progress through a data analytics dashboard of their own…

Medcity News 05/09/2013