Constant Therapy in the News

"This honor recognizes professional or scientific achievement and is given to a member who has shown outstanding contribution to the professions – contributions that are significant and would be so regarded within and beyond one’s community or state."

American Speech and Hearing Association 11/14/2013

"iTherapy is designed for cognition and language rehabilitation. It can be used by the caregiver or clinician. It allows the clinician to assign homework, check up on the stroke survivor’s progress and to send personalized messages when they have reached a milestone"

National Stroke Association 11/12/2013

"I see many new ventures in the emerging medical technology field and Constant Therapy stands out as truly innovative since it solves the key challenges facing health care today – achieving better patient outcomes while delivering more high-quality care more efficiently."

MobiHealthNews 10/29/2013

In an ongoing feasibility study at the Aphasia Research Laboratory, we are examining the effectiveness of a therapy program for individuals with brain damage that is delivered through an iPAD using Constant Therapy software platform ..

Boston University 10/25/2013

"Constant Therapy offers a breakthrough mobile solution that empowers patients with evidence-based tasks they can use virtually anywhere and anytime with remote delivery and monitoring." he said in a statement ….

Boston Business Journal 10/24/2013