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Speech therapy apps for people with brain injury, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities

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We are so happy with Constant Therapy! When the app was too hard for my husband who had a very bad stroke, they restarted it for us as I had been giving correct answers to teach him how to do it. When we hadn't used the app for several days due to many appointments they called to ask why and then they reset it again to the basic level. We are still in the trial period but as soon as it's over we will buy this great and helpful, healing app for years to come. Thank you so much for helping our lives begin again and give us new hope.

[Cheryl Hodges ]
Patient's wife

Health Tech Competition

If you are looking at this chances are a friend or family member just had the worst day of their lives. This application is wonderful and it works, and I'm a former programmer and fairly picky about apps. But, aside from it working so well, the support that comes with it is great, something rare in the world of apps today. You may be having the worst week of your life right now and speaking to some clown at customer support is the last thing you need. These guys were on the phone to my sister helping her from their homes at 9pm THEIR TIME. They went way more than the extra mile helping a computer illiterate get the app up and running. It works, it's simple, the support is spectacular. Can't ask for a lot more. Oh yeah, reasonable price too with the first month free. If you have someone in your life with a TBI or that just had a stroke, don't pass up the opportunity to something great for them.

[Phil Smith ]
Patient's brother

Thank you for this product, you have no idea what a wonderful gift your the Constant Therapy app has given me. You have given me back some of my dignity and my abilities to feel like I can accomplish something. It allows me to get up in the morning knowing that I can accomplish something and feel good. Thank you so so very very much.

[Sheree ]

I cannot recommend the Constant Therapy app enough. For the past 6 months, my son has used the app about three times a week. The app is like a virtual therapist, it's very easy to use, and it gives him immediate feedback. He now understands things faster, can make decisions with less hesitation, has improved recognition of words, and his confidence is higher. I also find it easy to get in touch with customer service; they pleasantly help out. The whole experience has been great.

[Miriam ]
Patient's mother

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