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"One of the greatest challenges over the last 5 years was how to provide speech therapy for my mom at home. My mom is a stroke survivor who acquired aphasia. Insurance coverage was limited for her rehabilitation, and our family tried to supplement her speech therapy the best we could at home. We worked on flash cards, worksheets, games, etc. We would try anything we thought would help facilitate an improvement in her speech while trying to keep her upbeat and positive about the potential to improve her communication abilities.

This is no small challenge for caregivers who are not trained in speech therapy and are still trying to adapt to life with a loved one who has lost their ability to communicate their daily needs.

We finally discovered the Constant Therapy app, which provides speech therapy that can be done at home. The app has given my mom countless hours of speech therapy and a renewed feeling that she still has the potential to make improvements in her rehab even 5 years post stroke.

Thank you Constant Therapy for an app that truly does support my mother's individual rehabilitation efforts."

[Karen ]
Stroke patient's daughter

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