Speech exercise app incorporates science-based tasks, and groundbreaking research on brain plasticity from leading institutions, such as Boston University.

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What is Constant Therapy?

Born Out of Groundbreaking Scientific Research

Unlike traditional paper-based tools that rely on static and manually delivered exercises, Constant Therapy provides dynamically updated digital exercises customized for each patient. In fact, Constant Therapy has a growing library of more than 75 science-based task categories with more than 100,000 exercises.

The more exercises you complete and the more involved you are in your self-care, the more rewarding your journey may be. Constant Therapy users have unlimited access to exercises, and have completed more than 65 million exercises to date – in clinic and at home.

Research published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience showed that patients with stroke or traumatic brain injury who were provided access to Constant Therapy at home did on average 4 times more speech, language, and cognitive exercises compared to patients who only received speech therapy in the clinic.

Constant Therapy provides a science-based mobile solution for highly personalized, continuous exercises for patients with traumatic brain injury, stroke, aphasia, and learning disabilities. Constant Therapy is designed to be used independently at home by patients, or as an adjunct to speech therapy provided by clinicians to their patients.

Constant Therapy incorporates groundbreaking research on brain plasticity from leading institutions such as Boston University. Prominent healthcare institutions that use Constant Therapy to help their patients make continuous progress, include Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, the Stroke Comeback Center, and The MossRehab Aphasia Center.

Constant Therapy is also used in school settings to help Special Education professionals deliver exercises to students with learning disabilities.

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