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Constant Therapy provides tools for continuous and personalized therapy

to people with cognitive, language, communication and learning disorders. The therapy tasks are based on latest research, and easy to use. Patients can continue to get better at home or even after traditional care ends in the clinic or school.

With 50 evidence-based tasks and up to 10 levels of difficulty.

Constant Therapy provides the most comprehensive set of tools for care to people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, dementia; or children who need special education and care due to learning disabilities or other disorders.

Speech & Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists

and other caregivers can save significant amount of time in documentation and provide better care efficiently to their patients. With Constant Therapy, patients can get significantly more therapy than otherwise possible.

Schools can provide more efficient care to children

with special needs such as learning disorders or autism using Constant Therapy.

Family members, caregivers and patients are empowered

because they can monitor progress and even control therapy anytime and from anywhere.

FREE TRIAL of the Constant Therapy app is available for your iPad

Several major hospitals and many patients around the world already use Constant Therapy to provide better care and improve patients' lives. You can participate in our FREE TRIAL by downloading the Constant Therapy app for your iPad and requesting an account.

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Constant Therapy

What our customers think
  • "Constant Therapy has been a valuable resource in providing consistent, measurable skill-based training to my patients with cognitive and language disorders. Even though I am only able to see my patients 1-2 times per week, I am able to track their progress remotely and monitor their performance outside of the clinical setting. Hence, with the use of Constant Therapy, I am able to provide my patients with both the teaching of functional strategies in the clinic as well as skill-based training at home to best promote their cognitive-linguistic rehabilitation."

    Laura F.,

    Speech & Language pathologist

  • "Constant Therapy provided me great daily tools that would normally not be available to a non-specialist like me for additional rehab we could do in Lauren's room."

    Steve N.,

    Father of TBI patient

    -Praying for the Nevils
  • "I set this app up for my daughter. Her long term memory is very impaired and she struggles academically. I love how I can adjust the skills she is working on based on difficulty, amount of work, time, etc... She goes through it once a day and the repetitive practice is so important and helpful for her to retain the skills. She does not mind doing the skills and is able to complete it independently and then I can go back and check how she did. The app also has GREAT personal support and will even email and check in to see how things are going and how they can help. Would highly recommend!”


    Mother of child with learning disorder

    -App Store
  • "My husband just turned 75 on Saturday - had his stroke last year. He had never used a computer before the stroke but now with his iPad and this program - he has gotten quite adept at using both. It is a very user friendly program. He was an avid crossword puzzle fan so this is a nice challenge for him. He is eager to use the program frequently(daily) as you are rewarded with new material the more you use it. It is also a program that will progress you forward with new material once you have mastered what you were working on. The program is also very applicable and practical in everyday life. The feedback is also excellent as you are using the program. I have witnessed my husband getting so much better using this program. I have spent hours looking for other programs on the Internet and I did not find anything to compare to this program. I cannot say enough great things about Constant Therapy! A must have program for people with Aphasia”


    Spouse of stroke patient

    -App Store
  • "I love this! I know that using this helps me so much! At first I would look at this like it's pretty easy. But then it just kicked my but on here. In around a month, I gotten sooooooooo much better because of this. I work and work and it does payoff. Thank you so much for helping me... ”

    Jeff D,

    Brain injury patient

    -App Store